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IEC’s Service team are experts in Printed Circuit Board manufacturing processes, applications and technology, gained over many years of experience providing manufacturing optimization analysis and technical advisory services.

Manufacturing Process Optimization
  • Installations and Start-up Support 
  • Process Reviews  
  • Trouble Shooting 
  • Selective Defect Reviews
  • Product Selection 

Advanced Technology Optimization
  • Metallization of holes – PTH Technical Expertise
    Plated through hole (PTH) is one of the most complex processes for Printed Circuit Manufacturers to master. IEC’s Service team are experts in this process, and can provide manufacturing optimization, process control and recommendations for a sound metallization of hole process. 

  • PWB Metallization – Final Finishing - Electrolytic Plating
    Review of Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG, ENEPIG) Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Electrolytic Copper and Tin. 

  • Primary Imaging
    Review of primary imaging inner layer and outer layer processes with focus on yield improvements and optimization and efficiency. 

  • Technical Assessments
    Printed circuit board technology review for current and future technology and capabilities, including a roadmap to move to the next generation technology including alignment of the equipment and processes. 

  • Multi Layer Lamination for Copper Clad Laminates 
    Review and assessment of multi layer process and press calibration. 

  • Equipment Audits 
    Equipment audits provide customers with a "baseline" condition of their equipment and while most audits take only a couple hours, the information provided assures customers that the equipment was thoroughly inspected by factory trained professionals. An audit report is compiled and can provide pictures and diagnostics of service requirements as well as cost estimates and quotations to bring the equipment back to original specification. 

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