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International Electronics Components (IEC) is the longest serving distributor to the Circuit Board industry in North America and have established partnerships with companies such as Dow, Eternal, Kodak that span decades and ITEQ, a new inclusion to IEC’s North American flagship product line.

IEC Canada was founded in 1966 by the late Jim Stone, and continues as one of the leading Canadian distributors today. 32 years after the birth of IEC Canada, Shawn Stone, Jim’s son, and his now business partner, Chuck Williams, founded IEC USA, which has continued to grow since its inception.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary milestone, IEC will be launching a new website and have created a company LinkedIn page. In addition, IEC has created two commemorative shield designs that celebrate the legacy of two important men who have come to symbolize what IEC represents. The first shield pays tribute to IEC founder, James Patterson Stone, (Jim) whose vision and inspiration started the business in 1966. The second shield celebrates long time employee, Randy Vicente, whose professionalism, knowledge and skills made IEC one of the most highly regarded companies in the industry.

“We are very proud of achieving the 50 year milestone,” says company president Shawn Stone.  “It’s a testament to my father, Jim Stone, whose philosophy was simple: business is organized friendship. Our plan is to highlight that philosophy throughout the year as we celebrate the customers, suppliers and employees who helped us get here.”

Being successful in this market for 50 years is only possible with the expertise and dedication of IEC’s employees and its loyal customers. With a proven sales and service network as well as high level technical support capabilities, IEC envisions providing service for many more years to come.

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