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For over 50 years IEC has provided PCB Manufacturers with
the chemistry for success and won’t be satisfied until you are.

Company Milestones

Company Milestones

1963 - IEC was started by James (Jim) Stone in Montreal with MICA (Copper Clad Laminate).

1966 - IEC was incorporated on March 17th, in Canada.

1970 - Brought on the Dynachem product line which is now Eternal Dry Film and still a flagship product for IEC. 

1980 - Significant company growth in line with the high tech industry that IEC was able to capitalize on and achieve a solid foundation and attain market competitiveness.

1992 -Jim Stone retired, IEC purchased by Shawn Stone and partners.

1998 - IEC USA was founded by Shawn Stone and Chuck Williams, with the first product line Morton Electronic Materials (DOW).

2001 - PCB manufacturing migration to China was a dramatic industry shift requiring IEC to adjust to new realities of a significantly smaller market and customer base.

2002 - IEC USA opens Santa Clara laminate conversion and warehouse facility.

2009 - IEC USA expands Santa Clara warehouse and laminate conversion facility.

2012 - IEC acquired Intermountain Circuit Supply in Phoenix, Arizona and opened the Phoenix Distribution Center.

2014 - IEC invested in moving the IT platform to the cloud, updating the ERP system, implementing process improvements and recruiting and training highly qualified personnel to support growth. 

2015 - Granted exclusive rights to ITEQ copper clad laminate line for North America and develops strategic alliances with ECEMS and Tritek to provide North American coast to coast coverage and support.

2015 - Chicago Distribution Center opened to service Copper Clad Laminate business. 

2016 - IEC celebrates 50 year milestone at various events in the US and Canada.
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